Bangladesh Paragraph

Bangladeshis a small country of south Asia. It was free from Pakistan in 1971. For the liberation many people (about 30 lacks) sacrificed their lives. It has an area of about 1 lack 47 thousand 5 hundred and 70 Square kilometer. The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Almost of our country speak the Bengali language. In 1952 we gained our mother tongue. It was a glorious acquisition for us. Although Bangladesh is a small country but a large number of people lives their (about 16 core). Normally Bangladesh is independence it can be tell but actually the people of Bangladesh is not free from financial problems. We are mainly Muslims but Hindus, Buddhists and Christians also live here. Bangladesh has many age old traditions. People observe different festivals on different occasions. EID-UL-FITAR, EID-UL- AZHA, Pahela Baishakh etc are the most common traditions. Naturally Bangladesh is so beautiful. Bangladesh is a River-irrigated country. The Padma, The Meghna and The Jamuna are the main big Rivers of this country. Jute, Rice, Tea, Sugarcane, fruit, Cotton etc are the main crops of the country. Without these Bangladesh has a big Mangrove forest name’s ‘Sundarban” and a longest Sea beach name’s Cox’s Bazar. The national beast of this country is Royal Bengal Tiger. The national game of Bangladesh is Hadudu. The national bird is Doyel. The national flower is Shapla. The national fruit of the country is Jack-fruit. The shatgombuj Mosque, The Buddhist Bihar, Mahastangar etc are also visible place. By consideration whole side Bangladesh is so beautiful.So I feel proud for my country.


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